Sell Your Gold

We buy your gold at the best prices in Ogden! Bring in your gold anytime during regular business hours. One of our helpful specialists will test your gold, weigh it, and give you a quote. You can receive your choice of a check or in-store credit.

If you aren't sure if your old jewelry is gold check for stamps that indicate the karat of gold, these stamps are very small and usually located on the inside of rings or on clasps of chains.

Another thing you can try is running a magnet over old jewelry. If it is magnetic it is not gold. There are still other metals that are plated under gold that are not magnetic. We can test if something is plated by running a quick chemical test here in the store.


Utah laws require a government issued ID and a finger print when you sell gold.
Don't forget your ID when you come in to sell your gold! We will take your finger print in the store.


You can have your choice of a check or in-store credit for your gold! We will send gold we buy to the refinery to be melted down and recycled. 


We only buy gold and gold jewelry for their gold value. We do not buy jewelry for their retail value. We do not buy gems, diamonds or any other metal that is not gold.