The Beauty & Benefit of Lab Grown Diamonds

The Beauty & Benefit of Lab Grown Diamonds

Many people ask if a lab created diamond is a real diamond.

Yes! They are chemically, optically, and physically the same as a diamond grown in the earth. 

Lab grown diamond, as the name depicts are diamonds. They are 100% diamond, but unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab.

Lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab with advanced technology that replicates the environment and conditions that grow diamonds in the earth such as high pressure, and temperature. These conditions in the lab, identical to in the earth, produce a rough diamond. The lab grown diamond is then cut and polished using the same techniques and tools used to cut earth-mined diamonds.

So if lab grown diamonds and earth-mined diamonds are chemically and physically the same, what are the benefits to purchasing a lab grown diamond?


Lab grown diamonds are on average 30%-40% less expensive
than their equivalent earth-mined diamond. 

Why are lab grown diamonds so affordable compared to a mined diamond?

Although Lab grown and earth-mined diamonds are the same chemically, a lot more goes into mining a diamond. To get a diamond from the earth to a ring has a long supply chain. Miners, distributors, diamond cutters, diamond polishers, manufacturers and sales representatives just to name a few are all involved in the mining to ring process.

Skipping the mining part of retrieving a diamond involves fewer companies and people. Making the lab grown diamond far more available and affordable.


Mining diamonds from the earth has huge negative effects on the environment. Thousands of acres of land are excavated, dangerously high air emissions, and thousands of gallons of water are just some of the negative consequences from mining diamonds. See chart below information provided by True Grown Diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are a sustainable way to grow gorgeous diamonds with little affect to the environment.

Land excavated
Mined 98 Square Feet Per Carat
Lab Grown .076 Square Feet Per Carat


Carbon Emissions
Mined 2,011 Ounces Per Carat
Lab Grown .001 Ounces Per Carat


Water Waste
Mined 127 Gallons Per Carat
Lab Grown 18 Gallons Per Carat


You can know with certainty that your lab grown diamond was grown in a safe lab 100% conflict free. 

Mining for diamonds is a very high-risk work environment. Some mined diamonds are sourced unethically. Now there are many more laws in place on how to mine a diamond and their conditions have bettered over the past few years however, a diamond grown in a lab is a sure way to know your diamond is sourced in a responsible, ethical way.


Lab grown diamonds are graded and cut with the highest expectations. Diamonds are a 10 on Moh's hardness scale. Your lab grown diamond will be enjoyed and passed down for generations.